The Based Fall Book Sale!

Hans G Schantz is back with his seasonal book sale! For the Fall 2022 edition, he’s put together a humongous list of free and discounted books. There are so many books, he had to split them into no less than four separate pages!

A number of luminaries grace this season’s sale, including: Declan Finn, John C. Wright, Brian Niemeier, Denton Salle, Jonathan Moeller, David Drake, David Skinner, N.R. LaPoint, Jon Mollison, J. Daniel Sawyer, Frederick Gero Heimbach, Tom Kratman, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Eric Flint, and more.

And of course, there is myself.

Li Ming is a small-town boy with big dreams.

In the era of the Five States and Ten Corporations, the immortals of the jianghu stand head and shoulders above the masses. Li Ming aspires to join their ranks.

But the world of the rivers and lakes is fraught with peril. Deception and danger lurk in the shadows. Bloodthirsty beasts roam the wilds. Martial cultivators constantly battle for wealth, glory and status.

Armed with his ancestral swordbreaker, Li Ming enters the jianghu as a biaohang, eager to deliver justice with steel and magic—and to chase the dream of immortality.

But first, he must prove himself worthy.

Dawn of the Broken Sword is the first book in my cyberpunk cultivation series Saga of the Swordbreaker. It is available for $0.99 on Amazon here!

The Singularity is Coming!

The 22nd century brings an era of technological wonders—and horrors. Cybernetics and genetic engineering. Mass surveillance and social credit. Full body cyborgs and nanoscale engineering. And the pinnacle of human achievement: machine intelligence.

Edenet is the next generation of the Internet. Designed by Anatol Corporation, it will bring the power of a supercomputer to the fingertips of every user, anywhere in the world. At the heart of Edenet lies a cutting-edge artificial intelligence that regulates all traffic on the network.

And one of its lead scientists has disappeared.

Fearing the worst, Anatol hires psychic contractor James Morgan to track her down. Accompanying him is Eligia Ogrod, the mysterious assistant to Anatol’s CEO. Their investigation takes them through the militarized streets of Warsaw, a corporate fortress in Shenzhen, and the human hives of Hong Kong.

Morgan is no stranger to intrigue. Yet the deeper he digs, the more questions emerge. Who is Eligia Ogrod? What does Anatol want?

And what is the truth behind Edenet?

Edenet is the first instalment of my post-cyberpunk series Singularity Sunrise. Buy it on Amazon for just $0.99 here!

Yamada Yuuki is an ordinary college student with an extraordinary hobby: the classical martial art of Kukishin-ryu.

Until one fateful day when a demon rips through the fabric of space-time, abducts everyone in his dojo, and transports them to another world.

To return home, Yamada and his friends must join forces with other displaced humans to conquer the dungeon that runs through the heart of the world. Standing in their way are endless hordes of bloodthirsty monsters and countless traps.

Armed only with steel, faith and guts, they must battle their way through the winding catacombs to confront the demon waiting at the bottom floor.

Yamada was once a student. Now he must become a samurai.

Dungeon Samurai Vol. 1: Kamikaze can be found on Amazon for $0.99 here!

Write Fast. Write Well. Get Paid.

These were the watchwords of old-school pulp fiction: fun, fast-paced, and immensely popular with readers.

The pulp era is coming back.

Blending timeless lessons from the grandmasters of the pulp era with the genres, tastes and technologies of today, PulpRev forges boldly ahead into the future of fiction.

Hugo and Dragon Award nominated writer Kit Sun Cheah teams up with Misha Burnett to compile a selection of essays on the PulpRev aesthetic from some of the leading writers in the movement. Pulp on Pulp covers:

  • How to plot like a pulp grandmaster
  • How to write 5000 words a day
  • The secrets of writing fantastic fight scenes
  • Worldbuilding and character creation tips
  • And many more!

PulpRev is the Revolution, Revival and the Renaissance of Pulp. Take the plunge into the new pulp era and become the best writer you can be!

Pulp on Pulp makes a roaring return! With a revamped cover and a re-edited manuscript, this is the definitive edition of the collection. Check it out on Amazon for $0.99!

The Based Fall Book Sale is the definitive book sale of the season. If you’re looking for new books to read, click on the link and browse to your heart’s content!

Not sure what to read? Get started with this FREE ebook!





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