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Writing is a challenging business. Between a picky audience, ever-changing algorithms and the demands of everyday life, starting — and finishing — a project is a daunting task.

As Singapore’s first Hugo and Dragon Award nominated writer, I can help.

I offer a wide range of services, tailored for your unique needs. Be it a book consultation, a one-off coaching call, or a long-term coaching program, I can bring my experience and expertise to bear.

If you want your stories to be the best they can be, Kit Sun Cheah is your man. He has a keen eye for detail, an astounding work ethic, and a vast arsenal of both general and specialist knowledge. He’s corrected me on guns. He’s corrected me on martial arts. He’s corrected me on Singaporean slang, and I’m from Singapore. He’s corrected me on the size of American cities, and I used to live in one. His blog articles cover everything from East to West and a few things in between – and if he doesn’t know, you can be damn sure he’ll find out. He’s the best proofreader and line-editor I’ve ever had.

If you strive to achieve the highest level of realism without sacrificing excitement, ask Kit Sun Cheah.

If you’re writing anything to do with East Asia in any time period at all, ask Kit Sun Cheah.

If your book has any form of combat whatsoever in it, with knives, swords, modern firearms, historical firearms, no arms, no legs… for the love of God, get Kit Sun Cheah to look over it. You’ll be surprised what you can learn.

If you want someone to just catch every single typo and formatting error in existence, you can also ask Kit Sun Cheah, but that would be short-changing his vast usefulness in every other area.

I wasn’t even asked to write this quote, that’s how good he is. I volunteered.

-Troy Tang, author of Ruby Red and Gentilberry Green

Book Consultation

You may have heard of sensitivity readers. This service is for an authenticity reader.

An increasingly sophisticated audience will have increasingly sophisticated tastes. They demand tight plots, well-developed characters, and most of all, believability.

Having based my career and brand on authenticity, I can help you with the following:

  • High-intensity and entertaining action scenes
  • Crafting authentic characters — and the right kind of mistakes
  • Tactics and equipment
  • Fictitious technology, magic and worldbuilding

This service can be scaled to suit your needs, be it a single fight scene or a full-length novel.

For more information on book consultations, click here.

Coaching Calls

If you’re stuck, if you need expert opinion on your project, if you need someone to help you with a writing problem, I’m your man.

A coaching call is a one-off call designed to solve problems. We will figure out your challenges and work out action plans and solutions.

If you need more than one call, you can also order a package of 4 calls, redeemable at any time.

For more information on coaching calls, click here.

Coaching Programme

If you need support for a long-term writing project, this coaching programme is for you.

This programme combines the best of what I have to offer. It combines coaching calls, accountability emails and on-demand email support. The deluxe package also includes a book consultation of up to 50,000 words, free.

For more information on the coaching programme, click here.

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