Coaching Calls

We all get stuck sometimes.

The business of writing is fiendishly difficult. Sooner or later, you’ll run into snags. When brainstorming ideas and concepts, you might come up empty. Your characters hide themselves from you, and refuse to tell you who they are, what they want, and what they will do. The flow of your story doesn’t quite feel right. And of course, there is the dreaded writer’s block.

I can help with that.

As Singapore’s first Hugo- and Dragon-Award nominated writer, I’ve encountered many of the same problems you’ve had, and struggled through them. In private, I’ve helped my fellow writers solve their problems. Now, I’m offering you the benefit of my experience and expertise.

A coaching call is a focused problem-solving session. In the space of one hour, we will identify the difficulties you are facing in writing your manuscript, and we will work together to solve them. Here’s a testimonial from a client:

Kit Sun Cheah helped me understand how to organize my story ideas into an organized, easy-to-follow outline. I finally have the knowledge and tools I need to write a well-structured novel. He understood what I needed to be successful in setting up a novel and that is exactly what he provided. The notebook with the notes I have from my time with him is worth its weight in gold.

Bryan Green

Save yourself endless hours of frustration and learning by trial and error. Tap into my expertise and immediately resolve all the problems you’re facing with your writing.

All you need to do is to book your timeslot, describe your problems, and we can get down to business. If, before the call, I feel I am unable to help you, I will be glad to return your money, no questions asked.

If you’re working on a long-term project, or multiple projects, you can also book a package for four calls. This package will be cheaper than if you ordered these calls separately.

My present rates are:

Single call: USD 75

4 calls: USD 275

If you book a 4-call package, you are free to book each call at a time and date best suited for you. You can book one call a week, one or month, or whatever schedule fits you best.

Before we begin the call, I will hold a brief email interview with you to determine the scope of the problem. If I feel I can’t help you, I will let you know and we can cancel the booking with no strings attached.

Some creative problems may be too big for just one writer to solve. But with a Hugo and Dragon Award nominated writer in your corner, they won’t seem so big any more. If you want to overcome the hurdles in your path, reach out to me with the contact form below and let’s get started.

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