The Based Summer Book Sale is Live!

The Based Summer Book Sale is here again! Support your favourite authors and take a stand against woke message fiction by getting great books from new and emerging talent at $0.99 or free!

Participating authors include Kyle Adams, Tony Andarian, M.D. Boncher, V.A. Boston, Henry Brown, Timo Burnham, Jacob Calta, Blake Carpenter, Matthew J. Carran, Paul Clayton, J.D. Cowan, Travis J.I. Corcoran, Theodore D. C. Cox, Milo James Fowler, Karl Gallagher, Shinichi Haku, Eric M. Hamilton, Frederick Gero Heimbach, Daniel Humphreys, Michael R. Kayser, Joseph L. Kellogg, Fred Key, L.S. King, Black Knight, Michael Lacoy, L. Jagi Lamplighter, N.R. LaPoint, David Lindsay, Frank B. Luke, Michael P. Marpaung, T.J. Marquis, Jim Melvin, Yakov Merkin, Richard Nichols, Chance Paladin, Matthew Olney, John Reilly, Hans G. Schantz, Kris Schnee, Richard Sezov, R.H. Snow, Steve Stark, Kalkin Trivedi, S.C. Vincent, David Vining, Eric Waag, Allison Wade, Thomas J. Weiss, Fenton Wood, John C. Wright…

…and of course, yours truly.

This season, participating books include:

Saga of the Swordbreaker 1: Dawn of the Broken Sword

Dungeon Samurai Vol. 1: Kamikaze

Singularity Sunrise 1: Edenet

Diary of A Bomoh

Pulp on Pulp

For one week only, these books and others will be priced at $0.99.

This is your chance to pick up any books you might have missed, discover a talented author, or dive into a new series. With a staggering array of participating authors, there are countless new worlds waiting to be explored. Check out the Based Summer Book Sale now and support the next generation of based fiction!





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