Invincible Under Heaven is Live on Amazon!

The unthinkable has finally occurred.

Driven mad by the relentless pursuit of power, a martial prodigy turns against the rivers and lakes. Behind him is the Shadow Horde, a group of devil cultivators with immeasurable powers at their command. Hellbent on restoring the Yue Dynasty, they carve a swathe of destruction through the Five States and Ten Corporations.

The world trembles beneath their boots. No army can stop them. With every strike, they come ever closer to overturning the world order.

The rivers and lakes calls for heroes. Li Ming, accidental immortal and reluctant champion, answers. Together with his fellow warriors, he must put an end to the Shadow Horde’s reign of terror, battling beasts, demons, terrorists—and his greatest rival, his dearest friend, the man he once called brother.

And at the edge of the world, with steel and fire, both men will discover who is worthy of the title Invincible Under Heaven.

Invincible Under Heaven is the final entry in Saga of the Swordbreaker. Purchase the story on Amazon here!



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