Tag: Counterterrorism

  • Terrorism Preparedness Primer for Singapore

    Hamas has called for a global day of terrorism on 13 October. Here in Singapore, it is tempting to believe that it has little to do with us. The Middle East is far away, and Singapore doesn’t embroil itself in international affairs. Yet this is a mistake. Singapore’s long-standing relationship with Israel and the United…

  • Terrorism Cannot be Stopped by Banning Hardware

    Yesterday I was at the Downtown Core, the financial, commercial and cultural heart of Singapore. This was home to banks, shopping centres, hotels, areas of cultural interest. Five minutes from a major train station, I entered a convenience store and found a box cutter on sale for $2.50. A distant relative of the same box…

  • Acceptable Targets: A Tale of Two Terrorist Attacks

    The Charleston attack and the Day of Terror illustrate the principles of open source warfare: domination of the news cycle, rush to atrocities, and leverage of political topics.

  • The Appeal of the Islamic State

    Yesterday The Middle Ground published an opinion piece titled A Young Muslim on ISIS. While it approaches the Islamic State (henceforth called Daesh here) from the perspective of a Muslim, the writer makes a few generalities that don’t hold up. Crucially, he says: “My sense is, if you add a dash of ignorance and a sprinkle…

  • Between the Points of the Pen and the Sword

    When confronting terrorism, it is necessary to combine the pen and the sword.

  • Media and the Maturation of Fourth Generation War

    The recent trend of criminal and terrorist violence across the world points to the maturation of fourth generation warfare. The media will be an important factor in this brave new war, both as actor and target.